Montgomery County Education Association


“[We want] representation that really understands that community now. Not that community of the past.”

- Chair of the MCEA Political Action Community Engagement Committee and member of the MCEA Board of Directors, Nikki Woodward

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Delegate Shane Robinson (D-39) Chair, Montgomery County House Delegation:

“I’ve known Ben for years and have seen him in action. I’m confident he’ll work tirelessly to ensure all members of our community can afford to live and thrive in Montgomery County. I know he also shares my commitment to keeping pesticides out of the Chesapeake watershed and a solid waste management strategy that moves aggressively toward zero-waste. I’m proud to endorse his campaign.”

Virginia Onley, Rockville City Councilmember

"I met Ben through his service to Rockville as a member of Rockville's Human Rights Commission. Ben was a strong advocate for the Commission's Diversity Leadership Workshop—a one-day interactive seminar that engages Rockville High School and Montgomery College students and gives them the tools to understand, recognize and embrace their differences and prejudices, and fosters inclusiveness. Through the course of his activism and his campaign, I've learned more about Ben and know that he has the qualities I want in my next County Councilmember. Ben’s an organizer who will proactively seek out the perspective of our community members who lack the time or resources to formally participate in the proceedings of county government. As a resident of our community who’s looking to start a family, Ben knows the challenges our county faces. He knows personally what it’s like to rely on Metro to get to work and try to buy a home in today’s Montgomery County. Ben has a direct stake in the future of our public schools and I trust him to take a fresh approach to the tough issues my constituents face. I’m proud to endorse his campaign for Montgomery County Council, District 3."


Yvette Monroe, former Gaithersburg City Councilmember


“I am excited to endorse Ben’s candidacy. I know that Ben will work tirelessly to ensure the many challenges our county faces are addressed head-on with care and concern. He will bring a much needed fresh perspective, new energy and bold ideas to the County Council. Most importantly, I know that Ben will give voice to those who don’t traditionally have a voice in our local government. I’ve seen the inclusive grassroots campaign that Ben has built over the past year and it’s exactly what we need from our next District 3 Councilmember. Ben’s experience growing progressive advocacy organizations and his priorities on transportation, schools, and affordable housing are keys that, now more than ever, will prevent us from settling for business as usual. That’s why I am pleased to endorse him for our future!”

SEIU Local 500:

"Montgomery County is a progressive county that believes in economic, social and education justice and Ben Shnider is a fighter for justice. Inequality is growing in Montgomery County and we need a leader who will stand up for those who have been left behind. Ben will help expand access to affordable higher education and will lead the county on the Fight for 15!"
- SEIU 500 President Merle Cuttitta


“Workers, who are struggling to pay the bills, can trust Ben to put their well-being above corporate interests. We’re confident he will be a reliable advocate for Montgomery County’s working families, and we plan to do everything in our power to help his campaign win.”

- Jaime Contreras, 32BJ Vice President


Sierra Club:


“We are excited about the prospects of our endorsed candidates focusing their skills, experience, and knowledge on making our county a national model for how local governments address the climate emergency facing our planet.”

- Dave Sears, chair of the Montgomery County group of Sierra Club

Progressive Maryland

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LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County

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Progressive Neighbors



Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund

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LiUNA Baltimore/Washington District Council:


Delegate Andrew Platt (D-17):  

“I hear from families that I represent in Rockville and Gaithersburg every day who are struggling to keep up with the skyrocketing cost-of-living. I’m endorsing Ben’s campaign for County Council because I know he’ll be a tireless advocate for these working families.”




Unite Here Local 23:

“Our 1,000+ members in Montgomery County are hungry for leaders who will work with us to ensure we’re treated fairly on the job and paid a living wage. We’re confident Ben will be such a leader and enthusiastically endorse his campaign.”
- Bert Bayou, DC Chapter President

CASA in Action:

“In 2018 we are going to fight hard for the people who recognize that working families are the backbone of our community and merit justice.”

- Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action.


Run For Something:

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