Maryland Matters: The Wages of War

Posted on November 2nd, 2017 by Josh Kurtz

The Wages of War

Speaking of the MoCo minimum wage vote, Ben Shnider, a civic activist who is challenging County Councilman Sidney Katz in the District 3 Democratic primary, has been circulating a petition in an attempt to pressure Katz to vote for the measure – and restore its original timeline, which was recently extended two years in a Council committee.

Shnider argued that a family of four must earn $91,200 to live in Montgomery County.

“As I meet with community members across District 3, I hear time and time again from folks who are struggling to get by in our community — many stretching multiple jobs across multiple family members to piece together a living. These families can’t wait seven years for a $15 minimum wage,” Shnider said. “I respectfully urge Councilmember Katz to do the right thing and support the original timeline.”

Will Katz be swayed by his aggressive young opponent? We’ll know Tuesday – probably before we know who the next governor of Virginia is going to be.

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Ben Shnider