Campaign Announcement: New Leadership For Montgomery County

I have some exciting news.

Sheri and I started our family in Montgomery County because we wanted to raise our future children in a community fully committed to fostering equal opportunity for all of its residents. 

Now, I’ve decided to run to represent District 3 on the Montgomery County Council because our County is at a crossroads. Tough decisions lie ahead to uphold the progressive values that inspired us, and so many other families, to settle in this great community.
Too many of our neighbors return from an honest day’s work to bills that can’t be paid; too many of our retirees are forced to choose between buying medication and groceries; too many of our kids’ educational opportunities are limited by their zip code; and too many Montgomery County commuters spend more time in traffic than with their families.
In the coming years, our County must decide whether or not we’re going to tackle these challenges and ensure that every one of our neighbors has the opportunity to realize their full potential. Now, more than ever, I want to work with you to do just that because I believe there’s no limit to what our community can accomplish when we come together around our progressive values:
Together, we can make life in Montgomery County more affordable. I want to work with you to pass a $15 minimum wage, implement a rent stabilization policy, and increase the amount of affordable housing we demand of new development.
Together, we can ensure that all of Montgomery County’s children receive a quality education from cradle through college. I want to work with you to expand extracurricular offerings in under-resourced schools, invest in universal pre-K, and ensure that all MCPS students attending Montgomery College graduate free of debt and equipped with the skills necessary to grow our local economy.
Together, we can ease congestion and protect our environment. I want to work with you to prioritize investment in rail and Bus Rapid Transit over the paving of new roads, and ensure our government incentivizes sustainable, transit-oriented development over sprawl.
I’m no newcomer to this fight. From working to elect President Obama in 2008 and promoting progressive values in the halls of Congress, to organizing for expanded transit and advocating for the rights of immigrants in Montgomery County, I’ve dedicated my life to fighting for change.

Now, I hope you’ll join our fight to extend opportunity to all Montgomery County residents. Sign-up to help us organize at the grassroots level in communities across District 3 and pitch-in with a contribution to help get this campaign off the ground today.


Ben Shnider