Maryland Matters: Five New Candidates Worth Paying Attention To

By Josh Kurtz

As campaign season heats up, here are five intriguing young guys who have announced they are running for office around the state – or are on the verge of doing so:

...Ben Shnider. A 28-year-old progressive activist and Democratic operative, who currently works as political director for the liberal pro-Israel group J Street, Shnider plans to challenge Montgomery County Councilman Sidney Katz (D) in the 3rdDistrict Democratic primary.

This would be a classic generational battle: Shnider is 28, while Katz, a first term councilman but previously the long-time mayor of Gaithersburg, is 67. But it will probably be an ideological battle as well.

“Tough decisions lie ahead to uphold the progressive values that inspired us, and so many other families, to settle in this great community,” Shnider wrote in an email that he circulated on Monday...

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Ben Shnider