Fighting for Workers and Immigrants

It's been nearly a month since we rolled out our campaign for progressive change in District 3 and some month it's been! As I speak with activists throughout the community, the desire for truly progressive representation is clear. Folks are hungry for new leadership -- leaders who will fight to close the gap between rich and poor and make life in Montgomery County more affordable.

If you want to help make this vision a reality, you can do so by signing-up to volunteer or pitching-in with a contribution.

Today, many will march to honor the contribution of workers and immigrants to our community. But we need to do more to ensure our policies honor these contributions as well. That's why I'll fight to raise our minimum wage to $15 for all workers, ensure our laws prevent local resources from being used to enforce inhumane immigration policies, and make certain that the cost of tuition prevents no MCPS graduate from enrolling in Montgomery College.

But this won't be easy. We'll need to organize from the ground-up in neighborhoods across District 3 and that work starts now.

Are you in? Sign-up to volunteer or contribute what you can to our grassroots campaign today. And, of course, stay in touch! You can reach me with your ideas and questions at



Ben Shnider